Benefits of play-based learning in early education.

Play-based learning is an innovative learning method that utilises play as the focal point in the early learning experience of a child. By integrating play in the learning setting, early learning centres help children have fun while exploring and discovering new ideas.

Play-based learning creates positive results in the early education of a child. Many early learning centres in Australia have decided to incorporate it into their learning curriculums. For parents looking to enrol their children in play-based early learning centres for the first time, or for those who are keen to know more about play-based learning, we are here to help. To help you gain a better perspective, our team from Confident Kids Child Care and Early Learning has compiled some of the benefits of play-based learning in early education below.

Developing fine motor skills

Developing children's fine motor skills is among the many benefits of play-based learning in early education. Children in their formative years still have to build muscle memory and coordination to develop essential fine motor skills. To help them practice fine motor skills, an early learning centre incorporating play-based learning into its curriculum is the perfect start. Integrating various play-based learning activities in active play is an effective strategy to help children enhance their fine motor skills.

Enhancing communicative and social skills

Aside from developing their fine motor skills, play-based learning as an early education strategy also gives children the opportunity to enhance their communication and social skills. Play-based learning encourages working and interacting with others in groups. Integrating play in learning situations allows children to play in groups and to associate with others. With play-based learning, children in early learning centres learn how to communicate and understand how to connect with other children in their groups.

Improving analytical and problem-solving skills

Play-based learning in early education provides a suitable learning setting where children can improve their analytical and problem-solving skills. When it comes to play-based learning, children explore various learning activities where they will find themselves in situations requiring the application of their analytical and problem-solving skills. Learning activities like this help children hone their logic and analysis, which will be crucial in developing their problem-solving skills.

How Confident Kids Child Care and Early Learning can help

If you are looking for an early learning centre with effective play-based learning, then Confident Kids is the best choice. Here at Confident Kids, we are proud to have a team of early learning education experts assisting children to foster and develop their physical, language, thought and emotional learning abilities. For more questions on play-based learning, you can get in touch with our friendly team today or check us online for more information on our early learning centres and the early education services that we provide.

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