Our quality programs are a direct result of not only the environments and resources that the programs are set in, but also the quality and consistency of the teaching and educational team that are delivering our programs. Our educational team also extend on these programs with the help of community members during incursions, excursions and family sharing days.

Qualified caring educators

Our Team consist of Bachelor-qualified teachers, Diploma educators, Certificate 3 educators and trainees. All classrooms have senior educators that are responsible for delivering quality programs based on the individual needs of their classroom. Those needs are developed with the input from educators, family members and most importantly the children themselves through observations and conversations.

Our educators are passionate for all children to be confident individuals and we as a team are committed to the principles, practices and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework and we are inspired by the Reggio project.

Continuous improvement

We value our educator’s individual strengths and encourage all our educators to work effectively as a team, continually updating their skills and knowledge through formal and informal development, along with team building activities and group decision making within the centre.

Our centre policy requires that all our educators hold a current DCSI, Child Safe Environments Certificate, Food Handling Certificate, First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Training and be working towards or have completed a formal Child Care or Early Childhood Teaching qualification.

Keeping families informed

Our educators are confident communicators that keep our families informed on their children’s day and their developmental progress, with the support of our Kept Me App. This allows opportunities for educators to partner with families to deepen children’s learning experiences.

The best professional practice is expected from our specialised educators in the provision of education and care within our Centres.
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