Children are born to learn. We believe that by offering a high quality, safe, hygienic, nurturing, innovative and educational early learning service that supports a sense of belonging to each individual child, their family members, our staff and the members of the wider community, we can create a fun, caring and stimulating environment that is conducive to the development of children.

Founding principles
  • As a Reggio Emilia inspired service, our philosophy is that the learning environment is the third teacher.
  • We enlist outside help from professionals such as Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Dental Hygienist’s and Nutritionist’s.
  • We have an appreciation and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, history and contemporary societies.
Together we grow

Children become successful, competent and capable learners when resources provide achievable challenges, hands-on experience and positive affirmations to support their educational journey.

We aim to provide a safe trusting environment full of various structured and unstructured activities to ignite and inspire a curiosity to learn: encompassing the areas of social, emotional, cultural, physical and intellectual development.

Parents and families are the child’s first and most important teacher. We love that each child comes to our centre with a different set of experiences, knowledge, interests and special needs. We build our educational programs to allow time to share these various backgrounds and gain a greater understanding and improve interactions with each child with the aim of building on the home experience of each child.

We aim to support families during these stressful and sometimes emotional but rewarding early years with encouragement, inspiration, education and understanding to ensure that all children are well on their way to a happy, healthy confident future!

Equality, inclusion and diversity underpin our beliefs for a strong, supportive community. We appreciate and enjoy the wide range of cultural and religious backgrounds of our community and strongly encourage families to involve us with their language, culture and achievements by sharing music, art, recipes and celebrations with us.

The best professional practice is expected from our staff in the provision of education and care within our service. We have high expectations for all children’s learning and are committed to the principles, practices and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. We value our staff’s individual strengths and encourage all our staff to work effectively as a team to continually update their skills and knowledge through formal and informal development, along with team building activities and group decision making within the centre.

Welcome to Confident Kids,
the next part of your child’s learning journey!

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