We are all born with a curiosity to learn. At Confident Kids, we believe that by offering a high-quality, safe, hygienic, nurturing, innovative and educational early learning service we can create a fun, caring and stimulating environment that supports all children on their learning journey.

Founding principles
  • Communication is key to maintaining strong connections between home and child care.
  • We value our educators’ individual & collective strengths and continuously upskill staff to maintain high standards of education & care.
  • As a Reggio Emilia inspired service, our philosophy is that the learning environment is the third teacher.
  • Equality, inclusion and diversity underpin our beliefs for a strong, supportive community.
  • We are committed to the principles, practices and outcomes of The Early Years Learning Framework.
  • We enlist outside help from professionals such as Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Dental Hygienists and Nutritionists.
Together we grow

Parents and families are the child’s first (and most important) teacher. We love that each child comes to our centres with a different set of experiences, knowledge, interests and needs.

Teachers, educators and students welcomed into the Confident Kids team are warm, caring, responsible individuals who want to support children to become confident and capable learners. The best professional practice is expected from our team members in the provision of guiding open-ended discovery, problem solving, and providing homelike care within our Centres.

We aim to support families during these stressful, and sometimes emotional (but rewarding) early years with encouragement, inspiration, education and understanding to ensure that all children are well on their way to a happy, healthy confident future.

Welcome to Confident Kids,
the next part of your child’s learning journey!

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