Children will begin their learning journey with us in the room that suits their age, skill level and needs. As the year progresses and your child’s knowledge develops, they will become more confident and desire further challenges. At this time, they will transition into the next room.


Transitioning into Confident Kids and through the centre takes place with flexible processes. You and your child will begin with orientation visits, to ensure you’re both comfortable with the educators and surroundings before commencement. Daily routine transitions are adapted to each child’s needs. A child with learning difficulties may require visual and verbal direction prior to new activities and/or meals times.

Transitions into the next room take place following a number of visits. Children are also transitioned with others from their room to help them feel comfortable within their new environment.

Our school-ready program is incorporated into the mindful learning (curriculum). Our teachers will provide a report to your child’s school and ensure that your child is prepared and confident in their school transition.


We cater to your baby’s routine and individual needs and focus on building a trusting relationship between educator and child. We offer a variety of experiences daily to encourage rolling, crawling, walking, climbing, balancing, exploring and making a mess! Our patient, warm, caring educators will be with your baby every step of the way as they navigate the modern, safe and educational facilities and specifically designed outdoor area suited for 0-3 years.


As your child becomes more confident with their gross and fine motor skills, we will build upon their time in nursery and encourage them to wash their hands and face at meal times, experience messy art and craft, enjoy music and movement, puzzles, memory games, and learn about numbers and letters, culture and language, healthy eating and environmental sustainability. We understand that ‘toddlerhood’ is a time when your child is becoming independent and developing lots of new cognitive, social and emotional skills. We will continue to support your child by giving them lots of opportunities to choose their activities, interests and learning direction as they become more verbal in their interests and needs.


Our specifically designed 3-5 outdoor area creates a lot of excitement in our toddlers as they transition into the Pre-kindy room. The activities, programs and group discussions become more complex and assist in developing your child’s understanding of their world. Your child will continue to build on their learning and independence with the introduction of Jolly Phonics, opportunities to prepare and serve food, and access to their own drinking water and toilet facilities.


The Kindy room has a more formal approach to education, with a dedicated teacher who will work directly with your child and create programs based on your child’s interests and educational needs to prepare them for school. We introduce your child to an early reading program, extend on our Jolly Phonics activities, and broaden their knowledge and interests in science, the environment and animal care. Our Kindy room will expand on your child’s world by organising excursions to nursing homes, supermarkets, local parks and the zoo.

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