We welcome children from 6 weeks of age to school-age and our programs are developed to suit the age, skill-set and needs of each individual child to help them thrive. Each room brings new opportunities and challenges to grow and learn.

6 weeks – 18 months
We follow your baby’s routine and individual needs and focus on building a trusting relationship between educator and child.
Developmental goals:
  • RelationshipsBuilding relationships
  • ExploringExploring their world
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We offer a variety of experiences daily to encourage rolling, crawling, walking, climbing, balancing, exploring and sensory play! Our patient, warm, caring educators will be with your baby every step of the way as they navigate the modern, safe and educational facilities and specifically designed outdoor area.

18 months – 2.5 years
As your child enters ‘toddlerhood’, we will introduce experiences that build on their motor skills, language development and sense of agency.
Developmental goals:
  • motor skillsProgressing motor skills
  • language skillsDeveloping language skills
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We role model and support the toddlers to try more self-care skills such as washing hands and faces, using cutlery, and wearing hats. We will continue to support your child by giving them lots of opportunities to choose their activities, interests and learning direction as they become more verbal in their interests and needs.

2.5 years – 4 years
The activities, programs and group discussions become more complex and assist in developing your child’s understanding of their world.
Developmental goals:
  • FriendshipEncouraging friendships
  • PuzzleChallenging cognitive skills
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Our specifically designed outdoor area creates a lot of excitement in our toddlers as they transition into the Pre-kindy room. Your child will continue to build on their learning and independence with the introduction of Jolly Phonics, opportunities to prepare and serve food, and access to their own drinking water and toilet facilities.

4 years – 6 years
A dedicated teacher will work directly with your child and create programs based on individual interests and educational needs to prepare them for school.
Developmental goals:
  • IndependanceSupporting independence
  • CuriosityNurturing curiosity
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We introduce your child to a play-based preschool program, extend on our Jolly Phonics activities, and broaden their knowledge and interests in science, the environment and the arts. Our Preschool room will expand your child’s community by organising excursions to nursing homes, supermarkets, parks and museum.

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