From Olivia.

Hello, my name is Olivia and I feel honoured that you are taking the time to read my story. The story of Confident Kids.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted children of my own. My first baby doll was named Lucy – nicknamed ‘bung-eyed Lucy’ by my family, as poor old Lucy was a very loved and worn-out little doll. As a four year old girl, my mum would wrap me up in a blanket each morning, and strap me into the car when it was pitch black, turn the heaters on and drive me out to her Early Learning Centre. As I grew up and through the later years of my schooling and tertiary education, I worked at my mother’s Early Learning Centre as well as a number of other Centres.

Coming full circle

Fast forward 30 years later and it became a new but amazingly similar journey for my youngest son and I. Kingston, my four year old son, being rugged up in a warm car for the drive out to my very own centre, Confident Kids Croydon Park.

It was through many years of exposure to children’s learning environments, watching the change that has occurred in the child care industry, being raised by amazing parents and two older brothers who have always been my first teachers, and having two beautiful children of my own, I have developed a sound philosophy in regards to children’s development.

I strongly believe that by providing children with fun, creative and caring Educators and Teachers that offer an inclusive, safe, loving and trusting environment full of various structured, unstructured activities and resources that are age appropriate to ignite and inspire a curiosity to learn socially, emotionally, culturally, physically and intellectually, will undoubtedly support a child’s holistic development. We embrace the real and authentic developmental opportunities for children to take the next step in their learning journey to school with a strong sense of self-belief and confidence.

  • Every day I strive to make a better tomorrow for our children and our children’s families.
  • – Olivia Greiner

I understand the emotional journey of new parents leaving their babies in a new environment, as well as the hectic lifestyle that comes with having small children. I am thankful to all our families that join our community and make our Centre an extension of their home. Our door is always open. We are only a phone call away to answer any questions.

I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Warmest regards,
Olivia Greiner

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